I have been quiet on here for a while because I hit a little burnout phase. I hit the ground running when I arrived back in LA this January. I got a few clients, started another part time job and bought a car. I honestly thought that by the time I got my car that I had already been here for at least 3 months, but it had only been a little over a month. I didn't realize how much I had done in such a short amount of time and how hard it would be to not live solo anymore (as I’m still looking for apartments, anyone??). Long story short... I packed up my new car and drove to Santa Rosa, CA to visit friends that I hadn't seen in what it felt like ages. It’s been awesome and I’ll think I’ll stay a bit longer 😀.

It felt so nice to have the freedom to leave. It was necessary because I was so burned out that I could barely stay awake during the day and my motivation to work out was probably below zero, if that is even possible. The drive up was epic because I discovered that my car drives itself in Cruise Control Mode. Totally beside the point, but it was a nice discovery.

Has anyone else experienced burnout? If so, what were the signs and how did you deal with it?

Common signs of an impending burnout are: feeling tired and drained most of the time, getting sick frequently, headaches and muscle pain as well as a change in appetite or sleep habits. It's easy to avoid, but we never do because in our day and age not working and taking a break is looked down upon. I'm pretty sure most of you have actually embraced this tired existence as reality, or else why would we resort to stimulants and drugs?

So why do we do this? Why do we sabotage ourselves? That is a bit of an open ended question, so feel free to answer it your own way. I think it’s because we are so scared to look weak. We associate strength with not giving up. If we rest or say something is too much, then we are weak and less deserving. I think that things are changing now with everyone getting on board with talking about mental health and the importance of keeping your mind and body healthy. I hope that we will be able to make changes and realise when we just need a break from everything to reset. I feel like I still am, but I’ll get there and hopefully from now on I’ll realise the symptoms of burnout before I actually burn out. Let’s pray haha

Anyways, have a great day everyone. I’ll be posting a few more times this week 💕💕

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