Can You Still Hit Your Goals During Festivities?

I thought I would write about this today as in the US it is Super Bowl Sunday today. Everyone is at home watching with their families and eating copious amounts of food, as they should. It’s a huge thing in the States and you might as well enjoy it to the fullest. I myself don’t understand American Football so I won’t be watching, but working instead.

So the question is, if you are eating in a deficit can I still splurge today?

The question is yes and no. Think of calories in a weekly sense. If you are eating 1,500 kcal a day, then over a 7 day period that is 10,500 kcal. You could eat more or less one day and add or subtract from another day and voila, you are still in your deficit! So the answer is: plan ahead. If you know there is a party or event you need to attend then factor it in during the week and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Hitting your goals should be fun and not painstaking. So do your best, but make sure to enjoy yourself so that you create healthy long lasting habits. If you need any help with planning your goals or just have general questions, please get in contact with me.

That’s it, short and sweet as I know everyone is watching the game. Let’s see how The Weekend does at the half time show 😜

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