Lockdown Blues

Hey there,

I'm sorry that I have not been on top of my 9am Friday blog posts. If you haven't seen the news, it's a bit crazy in London at the moment. I am also moving out of the country and I feel like the odds have been against me at every turn. God willing, I will be on a plane Monday morning.

So how has everyone been feeling? I feel like we were all looking forward to some sort of reprieve towards the end of Tier 4, but that was wiped away with a third national lockdown. I know for me, not much has changed as I work from my computer mainly, but still...... I was looking forward to going to the gym again or going out to eat at a restaurant. Tough luck I guess!

I thought I'd make this post short and sweet with some advice that I can share on a personal level.

1) Don't put pressure on yourself to accomplish a million things. Especially starting a new business or remodelling your house. Chill!!! If you are feeling anxious and unmotivated then allow those feelings and let them pass when they are ready to. I know social media puts pressure on us to go out and seize the world, but if you aren't ready, please don't push yourself.

2) Start meditating or doing yoga. I found that starting my yoga practice a few years back has really helped with my mental health. It's also made me proud of my triceps for once in my life, so that's a plus as well. I have found some really good yoga classes on youtube. All yoga studios are also offering online classes. I've also found meditation apps very helpful and there are so many out there now. If both of these things aren't your thing, try finding one activity and putting all your energy into it. It can be very meditative and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

3) Eat a clean diet!!! Try to cut out high levels of sugar and processed foods and replace with leafy greens (the darker the better) and fruit. Eat the rainbow!

4) Exercise! Use your one outing a day to your advantage and get in a run, walk or cycle. At home, join online classes like mine.

5) Try to structure your day around certain activities. I find writing a plan for the next day the night before is very helpful for calming my mind and keeping my stress levels down.

6) If you have an off day where all you want to do is order take away and watch Netflix in your PJ's, well then do it!! Seriously, who will know or judge you?

7) Make sure to take care of your health. Body work and a few other treatments are still available.

- Putney Chiropractic Centre is open

- Alexander Sport's Therapy & Wellness Clinic is open

8) Make sure to speak to friends and family.

9) Cuddle your animals

That's it from me today! Next post will hopefully be coming from sunny Los Angeles

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