Staying Consistent

What is consistency? Consistency applies to many aspects in nature, but in this post I will be talking about building good habits. Being consistent is making sure that you conform to the same application of something. For example, if you decide that you want to exercise three times a week, then to stay consistent you must adhere to this plan. Losing consistency in anything means that you won't see the results you desire and that can be discouraging, which in most cases will lead you to quit.

I know we are still in January and it feels like a year has passed since we entered 2021. We are still dealing with COVID-19 and that probably won't change anytime soon. Our lives have become inconsistent and that makes it so much harder to stay consistent with a goal. I'm guessing a lot of you said, "2021 will be my year to get healthy, focus on myself and leave 2020 in my rear view mirror". If that was you, how are you doing with it? Have you kept consistent or did it last one week and now you are back to working in you Pj's and then bingeing Netflix to relax? Be honest with yourself!

It hasn't been easy. I have found myself at times, through January, pushing my workout until 7pm just because I wanted to binge Bridgerton and any true crime series I could find. I still did my workout, but the procrastination was real! I needed to find a way because I know that I feel better and happier throughout the day if I can train around 9am. So what did I do? I got my online clients to a place where I knew they were okay to finish a set without me correcting their form and tempo and once or twice a week I would join in. Just doing that little thing motivated me to do the rest of my workouts on my own on other days.

So I'll leave you with a few tips that I hope will help and will continue to help for the rest of the year

  1. Make a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time.

  2. Make a plan for the week ahead. When will you work on your goals? Set a time so it doesn't interfere with your work schedule.

  3. Have a friend text you to check in.

  4. If fitness is your goal, then invest in a personal trainer.

  5. Set reminders on your phone to remind you an hour beforehand.

  6. Start the day without devices and check your calendar to see what you need to prepare for.

  7. Adjust your goals if they are too difficult to maintain i.e. training 6 days a week as well as working and taking care of your family. Referring back to SMART goals

I hope this helps! If you are struggling with your fitness goals, please get in contact. I offer online 1 on 1 training as well as in person training (LA based).

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